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    Waterwoods Lodge, Kabini stands atop a virgin hillock by the backwaters of the River Kabini in the heart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Here, in the most active corridor of wildlife movement, time moves with the sun; and activities align with the seasons. The soil nurtures; the air breathes life; and everything is as it should be.

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    Waterwoods EcoLodge nestles in a wide crook of the Kabini Backwaters. Peacefully green in the summer months, these waters lap the entire stretch of the resort playing a restoring lullaby. In the rainy days the waters, rich with silt, turn a dappled golden. Around these waters life unfolds in perfect natural rhythm, draping the land in raw splendour.

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    Arjun, Rohan and their like-minded team have preserved for you a precious snatch of life in the wild. Nurturing it as their life's work, protecting it with an instinctive passion for the overall benefit of wildlife and people of the area. So that you can play, laugh and discover life, as it is, at WaterWoods.

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    The Kabini winds are a feature at Waterwoods round the year. Open expanses stir breezes that make sunny days pleasant, winter days chilly and rainy days a splashy experience. The seasons at Kabini are always ever changing; the wind and the topography of the Biosphere create a climatic uniqueness that nurtures the vast biodiversity of this region.

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    Out-of-this-world, yet truly as it should be. Shed all your inhibitions and get ready for a jaunt in the wild. Waterwoods has preserved Nature the way it was made so you can experience the excitement, the thrill and the wonder. Practicing Responsible Tourism initiatives in letter and spirit, life here at WaterWoods promises you a few days of unrestraint. Priceless moments of revelation. An occasion to make the acquaintance of life. A vacation to find yourself!


to life uninhibited

Water. Woods. The Kabini. The Nagarahole National Park. Standing atop a virgin hillock, making the best of both worlds is Waterwoods Eco Lodge. A boutique wildlife resort nestled in a curve of the Kabini backwaters. The first private lodge in this region, the colonial styled resort has offered guests the most uninhibited experience of the wild since 1999. A three day stay at Waterwoods is ideal for a complete Kabini experience.

Nagarahole National Park
  • Waterwoods was a really enjoyable experience because it was quiet and exclusive compared to other resorts in Kabini. I believe in the philosophy of a small home style resort run unobtrusively and sustainably without too much of an impact on nature. Waterwoods exemplifies this philosophy. The home styled food was delicious and I appreciate the discreet service offered by the staff.

  • Excellent safari experience. Wonderful staff-very friendly! I really enjoyed my stay at WaterWoods-definately a highlight of my trip to India

  • A spiritual aspirant endeavors to re-cognize his inner poise in external phenomenon, especially in a physical space all that he seeks is that which aids him to embrace the verities of the Infinite. That this gear change can happen so effortlessly is a feature distinct to Water Woods.

  • Wonderful place.Excellent staff & superb hospitality. Brilliant Cricket pitch!Super ambience,exotic location and delicious food!

  • Nice homely stay and good service. Lucky to see a Tiger on one of two safaris

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