• Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges
  • Waterwoods | Kabini Resorts | Riverside Resorts in Kabini| Kabini Lodges

Shed your inhibitions!

Even a seemingly idle moment at Waterwoods is rich with a unique experience. There are many things to keep you busy within the resort; and some more to get you active outside, on the Kabini and in Nagarahole.


Wildlife Safaris


Kabini is about the only place in India where you can see wildlife from land and water. The Karnataka Forest Department conducts daily Road and Boat safaris, subject to weather conditions and government regulations. Different seasons bestow visitors with diverse animal sightings with Herds of elephants, spotted deer, bison and the occasional tiger and leopard sighting during the warmer months. During the monsoon waterholes in the interiors are full so animals prefer to stay in, while thick undergrowth hides even a sizable elephant making sightings slightly difficult. All safaris are accompanied by a certified Naturalist. Both safaris are conducted twice daily (6.30 am & 3.30 pm).


Cruise to Bheemankolli


A boat cruise across the Kabini takes you on a journey back in time to Bheemankoli, named after Bheem from the Mahabharatha who crossed the Kapila river from this point while he was on exile with the Pandavas. Bheemankoli resonates with the energies of Shiva as there are three temples on this peninsular dedicated to him. Two of these temples have been built in ancient times by the Chola dynasty and the third is a medieval temple built in honor of Mahadeswara Swamy – a famous saint and incarnation of Lord Shiva symbolized riding on a Tiger. As the cultural heritage of this land encapsulates you, a massive Banyan tree takes you by surprise as you are left in awe by its size and beauty. This 600 year old tree covers more than an acre of space and is the highlight of Bheemankoli’s sacred grove. Nature, heritage and stunning views from the boat cruise make this a memorable activity for guests.


Outdoor activities


It’s water, water everywhere. The Infinity edge pool and kids’ pool at Waterwoods are perched on the side of the hillock, at the central courtyard of the resort. Beyond the pools the grassy land slopes down to meet the Kabini. It is a pleasant area to relax and catch the sun on the loungers scattered about. Any time is good for a dip or some water games like water polo in the pool.


Kids will surely have a nice time, going up and down in the trampoline installed near the riverside. The scenic Bramhagiri backdrop will surely make a good photo-op for the parents.


Outdoor games (Volleyball/ Cricket)
The grassy stretch near the river bank is a good place to enjoy a good game of volleyball or badminton. The other side of the hillock treats you with a cricket pitch which can evoke the Tendulkar and Warne in you. You can also enact Jonthy Rhodes dives during the game on this cushioned grassy field. What’s more, the ground commands historic value as legends of the game like Dravid and Kumble have played here; both as guests at Waterwoods and as part of domestic tournaments.


Movies On Demand
If you are a movie buff, look no further and head straight to the movie hall. Choose from a wide range of Wildlife documentaries and Hollywood titles and let River Kabini play backdrop to your movie watching experience.


Coracle and Kayaking
For centuries local tribe and fisherman have navigated our rivers on coracles and we offer you a chance to ride with them on the Kabiniriver. If you feel like a leisurely work out, get into one of our single or double-seater Kayaks and paddle out into the blue. The calm backwaters offer a serene ambience accompanied with stunning visuals, especially during sunset. We provide experienced guides for these rides along with life-jackets.


Visit the greenhouse and orchard


Waterwoods has its own greenhouse and orchard, which are an effort at organic farming and self sufficiency. A large variety of herbs, salad leaves and about 17 seasonal vegetables are grown with care in the greenhouse. The orchard is growing with over 22 varieties of fruit trees including (o mango, papaya, water apple, custard apple, lemon, fig and more). Only Neem-based pesticides and organic manure are used to fertilise the land. All the produce from the gardens find their way to the dining table, offering you the healthy taste of fresh, organic food. You are also welcome to visit and tend the gardens during your stay here.


Star gazing


There are millions of stars in the sky and if you want to watch a few of them whose view is normally restricted by the urban cityscapes, just relax and look up. The River Kabini plays perfect foil in soothing your nerves while you look up to a beautiful lit night. And if by chance you see a shooting star, don’t forget to make a wish to spot a tiger in your next safari.


Living Water Bodies


Brilliantly colored freshwater life add a vibrant streak to the WaterWoods ambience. The flowing stream and pond at the entrance make you pause and watch the varieties of freshwater plants and animals. A variety of fish, turtles, cray-fish and more inhabit this zen-space that reverberate with the sound of water from the waterfalls that can be heard through out the day.


Indoor activities


If you enjoy indoor games, make full use of a Carom Board, Pool Table, Poker or playing cards that will keep you and your team engaged. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout Waterwoods Lodge, Kabini.


Wildlife documentary shows


Every evening, Waterwoods Lodge screens interesting Wildlife documentary films for guests. The films cover a variety of topics and are aimed at enlightening guests to be more aware and become ambassadors of forest conservation. Savour some hot snacks while at it. Timings: 7.30-8.30 pm