Covid-19 Update

Dear Valued Guest,

We have always prioritized the health and safety of our guest and colleagues and have been working relentlessly to welcome guests back to our resort. It is imperative for us to take extraordinary measures to ensure the wellbeing of our guests, and our people. We have implemented enhanced health and safety measures from the moment you check-in till you check-out — all in line with guidelines from the government health agencies and WHO. Our goal is to exceed the set standards and open the doors responsibly, so you have a safe, enjoyable and convenient stay with us at WaterWoods – Kabini.
General Guidelines

We request all our guests to make note of, and adhere to, the following general guidelines as precautionary measures during their stay.

Check-In Guidelines

During check-in:

Please maintain minimum physical contact with associates and other guests, and keep a distance of at least 6 feet between you and every other individual present In the unlikely event of multiple check-ins at the same time, you will be requested to follow instructions provided by the Manager on Duty to ensure physical distancing of 6 feet. Please sanitize your hands before & after signing registration cards and completing check-in formalities.
Cleaning Process


Check-out Guidelines

Staff Guidelines

We request your support as we strive to maintain the highest standards of health and hygiene, while offering an authentic and memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued patronage.

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