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A rhapsody of colours. The fickle breeze. The playful sun. The ever-changing waters… The perfect accompaniment to the drama of life that unfolds along the river and across the forest. Here, Nature proudly displays her every whim. Painting the year with seasons warm, wet and cold. At Waterwoods you can see, smell, touch, hear and feel the rhythms of a land yet untainted.

The Western Ghats, the rivers and the forests have blessed Kabini and its surroundings with beautiful weather round the year. The temperature climbs up in summer, but is cooled by breezes that sweep across the waters and tree cover. The waterlines recede bringing all life out for a drink and some frolic. This is the best time for wildlife viewing; and star gazing by the river.

The rains veil this country in a fanciful mystique. Myriad shades of green glimmer in the elusive sunlight. Dark clouds hang low and lightning tears up the horizon in brilliant displays. Creatures of the forest hide away in the thick undergrowth, watching you search in vain for them. The monsoon retreats leaving a chill in the air. From October to March dawns and dusks are shrouded in mist leaving the sun to filter through in sharp rays.


At Waterwoods all three seasons are celebrated with great fun as the river puts on a show of intrigue…sometimes swollen gold, then a placid blue followed by refreshing green.


They say the best time to visit Kabini is from September to May; but if you love the rains, there’s no place like Waterwoods to soak in the monsoon.
Min Temperature: 21° C (Summers), 8° C (Winters)
Max Temperature: 36° C (Summers), 25° C (Winters)

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