1) When is the best time to see the big cats in Kabini?
Although chances are best during the summer months of April and May, sightings of the big cats is a matter of luck and can happen any time of the year!

2) What are the activities available at the Lodge during the monsoon season?
Indoor activities are suggested during the monsoon, although walking along the river or in our Green Development Zone is a refreshing delight in the rains. Within our property you can use the library, pool table, board games, watch wildlife documentaries or listen to music at our dining deck. If you choose the privacy of your room, you can enjoy the rejuvenating rains from the comfort of your balcony or watch your favourite show on our flat screen LED Satellite televisions.


3) Is there any colour code for clothing when going on wildlife safaris?
It is advisable to wear clothing whose colours mesh with the environment. Suggested colours are browns, greens, grey, khaki etc. Please ensure that very bright colours like Red, White and Yellow are Not used while on Safari. Co-operation on this matter is highly appreciated.


4) Do all rooms have river facing views?
We are a River Front property and, yes, our rooms have a partial view of the Kabini reservoir. However, some rooms have partial river views due to the healthy tree cover on our property.


5) Is the resort Pet friendly? Can I bring my pet?
The WaterWoods Lodge does not allow outside pets, as all our rooms have hard wood flooring and can be damaged if pets come in.


6) Are Children allowed for Safari?
Children are allowed for safari, however, it is not recommended for infants as the noise of a crying infant can disrupt the safari experience for others. Animals in the park are very sensitive to these noises and may run away if silence is not maintained. We recommend safari for children above the age of 6 as they are able to understand the protocols of the forest drive.


7) Are there Snakes in or around Waterwoods?
Yes. Waterwoods Lodge Kabini is a in a wildlife zone and we are located near a Bio-Diversity Hotspot. There are all kinds of animals here, including snakes. But there’s no need to worry, snakes like to keep to themselves and our staff are trained to deal with instances when we come in contact with venomous snakes. Most of the snakes that we see here are non-venomous. If you spot a snake, step away from it, keep an eye on it and call one of us to take charge of the matter. We also have reference books that will even help you enjoy the snakes around us.


8) Are there insects and mosquitoes in Kabini?
Yes. Waterwoods Lodge Kabini is a in a wildlife zone and we are located near a Bio-Diversity Hotspot. Insect numbers and species depend on the seasons. Most insects found in the Kabini area are attracted to light. With respect to mosquitoes, the Jungle Mosquitoes are bigger than those you find in the city. In eco sensitive locations like Kabini, insects have a ‘window’ (time frame) for their movement. This ‘window’ starts around 6 pm and goes on to around 8 pm. To prevent mosquitoes and other insects from troubling you in the comfort of your room, we have built mesh sliding doors and windows. We highly recommend keeping these doors and windows closed especially during the insect ‘window’. We also provide insect repellents if required.

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